A Work in Progress – Part 1

Eric Rienstra, the Airush FunBox and a big ol’ booter… If that isn’t a recipe for some legit riding under the kite, I don’t really know what is. Eric is a really rad guy to film with; super professional and always down to push it to get some shots. We shot most of his seg in late July with only 2 or 3 sessions of filming, so his consistency is definitely up there too. Ian Daly from Inept even rolls up at the end to spread ste and do work on the 2nd Wind Wall Ride.

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3 Responses

  1. Lance says:

    epic. damn u r on fire.

  2. pkh says:

    Love it Nate!

  3. Lance Larivee says:

    Badd ass Nate DOGG. Digging your work!

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