Getting Wet


So after multiple missions trying, failing and then trying again, I’ve finally been able to get in the ocean with the SPL Waterhousing and return with good results. I never realized until now how much technical knowledge, stamina, vision and plain luck goes into swimming in overhead surf to capture amazing images. Overlooking a single detail in your setup can yield a card full of junk, which is pretty disheartening given the beating you take just getting to the impact zone.


Things I’ve learned so far:
1. Rainex is your friend before every swim. Nothing more maddening than drops on the lens port.
2. Triple check settings and housing/camera connection before sealing the housing.
3. When diving under white water, lead with the housing like you would with your surfboard during a duck dive. Kick for the bottom if it’s a big one.
4. Don’t be afraid of the impact zone. Very few compelling surf shots have been taken from behind the shoulder.
5. Need to cover some territory? Roll over onto your back and kick to your next spot. In cold surf this keeps water from flushing down your hood. Pay attention though and be ready to roll onto your stomach and dive if you’re about to take one on the head. >

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